I really enjoyed Schulz’s Peanuts and the works of B. Kliban, but I am pretty sure my sense of humor came from Dad. He was very creative and made toys for the kids and little amusements for himself and his friends.

electric chainsaw by Marvin Baron

One day in the late 1970’s I sat down to make some Christmas gifts for family and co-workers and inked out what would become the first of many images combining ducks and some associated puns. I think De Duck Shun was probably the first one.

The manager at the frame shop I worked in allowed the employees, mostly art students, to hang their work on a large center pillar in the store. We could sell it but only on our own time. I sold stuff from my illustration and life drawing classes.

Then I put some of these cartoons up there. And I remember one really nice lady, who had bought my life studies and disapproving of the cartoons asked if I needed to make money to sharpen my pencils?

The cartoons sold and I signed up for art shows and festivals in the area. As the area grew I traveled a bit more and the lifestyle on the road was not all it’s quacked up to be. Coming home to restock, a kiss goodbye and off you go for a week.

When the Walt Disney Company found I had trademarked DuckTales they asked me to come for a visit to Burbank. We worked out an agreement to peaceful coexistence and I was thrilled to see the studios and back lots.

While working one of the shows a very nice man approached me and introduced me to a couple running a garment printing company. We clicked and the ducks took off. Several years of great sales in the U.S. and Canada!

Change happens, and the U.S. shop took on investors, which changed it all, and the outsourced sales force sold everything, but ducks. So I went skiing and worked at the local resort a couple seasons.

Meanwhile, my DuckTales actually got me an entrée into the Computer Games industry. I knew the future for commercial art was in computers. So with zero computer experience I got a job, and again just sold my DuckTales stuff on the side.

There always seems to be enough interest to keep me working DuckTales and along with several new pursuits I am glad to continue doing what Dad did. Creating little amusements for the kids, myself and everyone who encounters them.

Moving forward I am seeking to broaden my range of contact. DuckTales by John Baron are selling across the U.S. and into England and Australia. I would like to see more licensing opportunities and as long as it’s fun and I am able, I’ll keep on duckin’.