Presenting a charming little tale of fright and sudden surprises that excite our emotions. The truth sheds light on otherwise unknown and dark subjects. Why go on in fear of the unknown? Here then, the importance of facing our fears.

Here also is the importance of true friendship. Talking things out with a trusted friend settles emotions and dispels fear. A little rabbit in this tale befriends Buddy, our big strong farmer dude from book four “Welcome Buddy by Honey.”

Buddy is able to relate the truth and console the little frightened rabbit. And the little one gets a surprise delight when Buddy displays his own fear. The lesson turns on the teacher when a surprise twist is played.

We feel this is our best effort to date. Since beginning our publishing effort we have been striving for unique, meaningful and entertaining content. We hope that you, your children and generations to come will enjoy our books.













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