Hey Kids!

You have waited forever and it’s been a long time coming and now at last we are selling our whirled famous DuckTales by John Baron shirts directly to you. You will find the quality of the product is so much better than we were getting through the online vendors, and we will try and give you plenty of choices for color, size and designs. Our $28.00 price tag is about where the retail market has to be on these shirts. We will keep this price in all fairness to our limited and exclusive wholesale customers. For now we are also shipping free.

As time allows we will add new designs and revisit more of the oldies. You remember Mallardtime and Slam Duck? The new technology in printing shirts is allowing us more flexibility with the images and much lower order quantities. We have aligned ourselves with a local printer that we trust and are sure you will be pleased.


And for the foreseeable future we will be giving away one of our logo coasters with each shirt. This way you can toss down a classy coaster for your best beverage while rockin’ and stylin’ in that cruiser duck shirt.

So get with it and order up your shirts. You been asking us over and again, “when you gonna start selling your duck shirts again?” There you have it and ordering is as easy as:

Email your order to me at johnb@johnbaron.net  Be sure to include design, size, shirt color choice, and a shipping address. I will send you an invoice via paypal. Allow three weeks for delivery. Sizes: SM, M, LG, XL, XXL