You know, I dislocated my pinky in a fall during spring.

I saw a Doctor and for about 1000 dollars I got help and it’s better…

but will never be the same. Basically the Doctor pulled my finger.

I tried to warn him about doing that and he didn’t seem worried.

It’s kind of like the Chiropractor that pulls my leg.

And so, I am dedicating Pinky to Sir Thomas Lawrence and his lovely

portrayal of the fair maiden with her perfect and extended digit

that just taunts me to no end.

 Number 14 in the fine toaster art series Pinky was donated to the Issaquah Food Bank auction. I thought you might like an inside look at these toasters. A lot of work goes into each toaster as they vary each in design. I have seen the insides of a lot of toasters and somehow there is a new design to the same technology in each and every one.


By the time I got to Pinky I had simplified my approach to up scaling toasters.


The smaller strands of bulbs, which I paint yellow, are easier to install. Inheriting my father’s scroll saw was an absolute Godsend in toast production. The leftover wood from house remodeling projects is all used up and I’ve been sourcing the most efficient stock.  There are five new toasters being built. One will no doubt be a tribute to Thomas Gainsborough’s “Blue Boy.” John Baron Toasters are available at