Hey friends, I have always enjoyed the ocean. Surfing will always be a part of my life and the encounters with different animals a bit scary but always remembered with joy. The little otter that tugged on my leash at Beacons was cute, but what part of the food chain was he? Dolphins were always at first sight taken for sharks. And shark sightings, although rare were kind of nervous. So one time in High School days me and my buddy Joe Sterling were surfing San Onofre trails and we saw an Orca. Joe was a certified diver and had a lot less fear of these guys than I did. So Joe is out there patting the water trying to call this new friend a little closer. “They wont attack” he said.  Well when I got to the beach – in a hurry –  I looked back at Joe still splashing the surface of the ocean calling his new friend. Oh joy.

Scuba orca by John Baron is an orca whale wearing scuba tanks and regulator with the mouth piece in it’s blow hole.

So I guess this piece pays homage to the joys of ocean adventure. For the scuba diver that aspires to be an Orca whale. Or the Orca whale that aspires to be a scuba diver.