Snow Patience by Golly

I received final copies of the new release Snow Patience by Golly today and I am so pleased with our progress in this new craft. This is the fifth book published since embarking on this endeavor a year ago. There is a pleasant flow to this book and it weaves around a little lesson. It’s not really a lesson, just a statement, but a good one.

Meanwhile sales of the first four books go well. Mostly through word of mouth and the passing around of our little discount cards. The creation and publishing of these books has been easier than the marketing. But we feel no hurry to rush into any crowd funding or contracts with publishers. We are currently through the layout and sketch portion of book six and have great hopes for this book to be even better than all the rest.

I want to thank all those that have purchased these books and assure you that all the funds have gone back into the continued publishing of new titles. We love to get your feedback and enjoy hearing about the kids that want to hear and read the stories over and over. It really is the bonus pleasure to this gift we have been given.

And of course there is a preview of this book and all of our books at

Blessings to all of you from the rabbits and johnb.

Snow Patience detail