I have a part time job at the Issaquah Trader Joe’s. As the store was moved to a new location an opportunity arose to do some of the murals in the store. The store’s art team, Sharon, Tess, Taylor and Abby are fantastic and were very welcoming and supportive of my effort. They turned me on to the paint pens and lent me everything I needed. Here are a few of the murals painted directly on the walls with the aid of a projector.








Chris built some nice display crates and asked me to do some wine inspired embellishing using some wood staining paint pens.




Paragliding is very popular here and the view out the front windows is directed at Tiger Mountain and the infamous poo poo point takeoff spot for the flying enthusiasts. Chris O’Connor, the store’s captian, asked me to create a paraglide with a Victorian style. It was painted twice in the store including this point over the windows that view the mountain.






Then we have the mobile idea. Chris approached me about creating something to hang from the ceiling to announce the chain’s periodical Fearless Flier, a publication that promotes products old a new. I built a model with foam core and suspended it on 6 foot cross members. It was then counter weighted with products from the flier.







Hopefully there will be more of these creative endeavors opening up in the future. Meanwhile the store is a great place to work and play.